The Expert’s Guide to Live Stream Wedding Equipment

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Wedfuly helps you decide what pieces of live stream wedding equipment are necessary to execute a flawless virtual wedding

Gone are the days of needing to hire an expensive videographer to capture your wedding day! (The current average for a videographer currently sits at about $1,799 per wedding). With some basic training and guidance, even the most tech-illiterate person can livestream their wedding. In this article, we will look at the basic live stream wedding equipment needed to effectively capture your wedding. However, before thinking about the equipment needed, consider this. You will first need to figure out if you are going to do this solo or enlist help from the pros. If you decide to make this a solo effort, you will need to decide on what platform you will stream the nuptials from. 

“Must have” livestream wedding equipment

  • Good Wifi. We simply can’t say it enough! Perhaps the #1 deciding factor of success is how strong the Wifi is. When you are considering which venue to choose for your wedding, make sure to perform a Wifi speed test to see what the upload speed is. At bare minimum, we recommend that the upload speed should be at least 5 mbps up. Obviously, the bigger the number the faster the speed. If the test delivers satisfactory results, then hop on a Zoom meeting or FaceTime call in the exact spot where you want to say “I Do!” 
  • 2 Smartphones. These two phones will provide the two camera angles for the recording. One angle will capture the processional and recessional down the aisle. The other one will be focused on capturing the vows at the altar. When considering which type of phone to use, make sure that it has a 12 MP camera and the ability to shoot 720 video or higher. (Most phones 2017+ will have these specifications). If you are wanting to include more angles, then you will need an additional phone + tripod per each angle. The most common “add on angles” are including a “bride” and “groom” view as well as audience view. Additionally, if you happen to have any higher tech cameras that you would like to use instead of phones, that is always an option! You will just need to connect with your coordinator to ensure that the camera will be a good fit.
  • 2 Tripods + Phone Adapters/Mounts. It is crucial to have tripods to mount the phones on. This ensures that the phones will not shake or move during the recording.
  • Battery packs for the phones. The LAST thing that you want to happen during your wedding is for the recording to stop due to the battery dying. By attaching an external battery pack to the back of the phones, you won’t have to stress about having your phone near an outlet. Additionally, the sun can be majorly draining to the battery life of phones. This is especially important to consider if you are considering having an outdoor ceremony.
A battery pack on the back of your phone will keep the phone running so that you can enjoy moments like these!
A battery pack on the back of your phone will keep the phone running so that you can enjoy moments like these!

“Must have” livestream wedding equipment for audio

  • A laptop. Since the audio will not be enabled on the phones, there needs to be a “hub” for the audio to flow through. You will need to have a laptop near the rest of the devices. When considering what type of laptop to use, think about these two things. It needs to be able to connect to the internet and have the ability to connect to Bluetooth. Additionally, if you will be doing Breakout rooms, you will need to have a laptop that has a built in camera. 
  • Speaker. The Wedfuly team will be controlling and queuing the music throughout the event. However, you will need a way to be able to hear the music and the feed from the Zoom. You can use any speaker system that you already have, as long as it has Bluetooth capabilities. *Wedfuly pro tip: if you choose to rent from us, we will provide you with a “magic speaker”. This is essentially a microphone and speaker in one. Therefore, you can simply place the magic speaker nearby and it will pick up on all of the audio.
  • Microphone. Perhaps one of the most common pieces of feedback we hear from people who have attended DIY Zoom weddings is that “I couldn’t hear anything!!” The way to up your game from entry level to professional is to make sure that speakers will be heard clearly. When considering what microphone to choose, we recommend one of the following:
    • “Magic Speaker”…this what comes in the Wedfuly rental package. The specific brand of the speaker is an eMeet. You will simply place the magic speaker near whomever will be speaking and it will pick up on the audio and provide clear sound to the Zoom guests.
    • Lapel Mics. These are also a great option for “microphoning” any speakers. The lapel mics will clip on to any speakers and connect to the laptop. We have also seen couples utilize Apple Airpods for their microphones. However, the only issue is that you can only have 1 set streaming through the laptop. So if you have more than two speakers, you would have to pass the Airpod back and forth. 
    • Blue Yeti microphone. This is most commonly used among podcasters as their main source of microphone. The Blue Yeti provides quality sound and is a great option if you happen to own one already.

“Nice to have” live stream wedding equipment

Computer monitor, TV monitor or projector. If you want to have a way to see your Zoom guests on a bigger screen, consider one of those options. You will simply need to have a HDMI cord connecting the monitor to the laptop. This provides for an optimal viewing experience for your in person guests. A projector also works well for viewing the Zoom meeting on a bigger screen. The one thing to consider when using a projector is if you are having an outdoor wedding. The sun could potentially wash out the projector and make it difficult to see. *Wedfuly pro tip: watching your guests get down on the dance floor during the group dance is so much more enjoyable on a big screen!

Anuj and Anandi got to enjoy seeing their virtual guests on a large projector screen!
Andrew and Georgina opted for a computer monitor to be able to see their lovely virtual guests.
  • Mobile hotspot. We’ve learned from experience that you can test the Wifi multiple times and there is always the *slight* chance that it will act funky when you need it the most. To put yourself at ease, consider a mobile hotspot to have on hand in case the Wifi does go down. Talk to your coordinator about renting one from us!
  • WiFi extender. This is a great option if you are getting married in a backyard or a patio and could potentially be far away from the router. A Wifi extender will “push” the Wifi out further to ensure that there is strong coverage where you are.
  • Ring lighting. In the world of Youtubers and Instagramers galore, people have perfected the art of good lighting. Consider opting for ring lighting if you are getting married inside. Ring lights can really help to brighten up your faces on the Zoom. However, if you are getting married outside during the day ring lights won’t be necessary. The natural light provides great quality lighting!
Caitlin and PJ decided to use ring lighting to brighten their faces since they were inside and didn't have much natural lighting.
Caitlin and PJ decided to use ring lighting to brighten their faces since they were inside and didn’t have much natural lighting.

Live stream wedding equipment rental 

If you are someone who doesn’t already own a lot of this technology or can’t imagine using it beyond your wedding day…then you should consider renting from Wedfuly. There are 2 packages to choose from. The silver package ($250) is the more basic package and the gold package ($600) is for the couple that wants it angles galore! When you purchase a rental package you will receive the live stream wedding equipment package the week before your wedding. This will allow you to utilize the equipment during your AV call and rehearsal call. Then, you will simply ship it back 2 days after your wedding (or the Monday after) to us! Additionally, the cost of shipping is factored into the price of your rental package. 

Understanding how to use your live stream wedding equipment

When you receive your rental package, it will include a rental best practices sheet as well as a “what’s included list”. Additionally, you will receive a breakdown of how to use each piece of equipment. On top of all of that, your Wedfuly coordinator will be able to give expert direction to your on site contact