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Kat & Han’s Story


This San Francisco-based couple originally planned to spend $40k on multiple events, including a celebration in Europe where Han’s family lives. Instead, they slashed their budget to $2500 and got married in their backyard, with 250 guests joining via Wedfuly.

After their wedding, guests couldn’t stop raving. “I felt like I had a front row seat”; “I loved getting to know your families”; “I didn’t know a virtual wedding could be so special.”

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Wedfuly Plays Well with All Types of Weddings


Whether you’re planning an elopement, a big in-person crew, or throwing tradition to the wind – a virtual element enhances the celebration.



0-10 in-person guests

  • Invite most (or all) of your guests to join virtually
  • Get the intimate wedding of your dreams, without leaving anyone out
  • Get married without the stress or financial burden
  • Plan your wedding in 2-6 weeks

Destination Weddings, Backyard Weddings,

& Micro-Weddings

10-40 in-person guests

  • The best of both worlds – keep your in-person guest list very small and intimate, with many more guests joining virtually
  • Wedfuly will ensure virtual guests feel engaged and included, and never second-class
  • A fantastic way to keep your day both affordable and inclusive

Larger Weddings & Hybrid Weddings


many in-person guests

  • Give guests a new RSVP choice – attending virtually
  • Allows all guests to attend safely, affordably, and conveniently
  • Great for weddings with international guests, or weddings requiring travel

Non-Traditional Weddings


sky’s the limit!

  • The virtual format lends itself well to non-traditional celebrations
  • We’ve thrown surprise weddings, costume weddings, and elaborate theme weddings (let’s talk about our 90s hip-hop wedding!)
  • Going virtual also works very well for introverts or those anxious about being in the spotlight



The Wedfuly Process

1. Book Your Date

Virtual weddings start at $1200 and can be planned in under a month. Our schedule fills fast though, so don’t wait too long!

2. Work with Your Coordinator

You’ll be assigned a Wedfuly coordinator who will listen to your vision, offer their virtual wedding expertise, and host/emcee your big event.

3. Get Hitched!

Our goal is to make your wedding day as stress-free as humanly possible. We’ve got you covered in terms of tech and logistics — the only thing for you to do is say “I do.”

chatting with guests at virtual reception tables

Real Couples Talk About Their
Wedfuly Wedding


We gathered Wedfuly alumni couples for a Zoom happy hour and asked:
“What was your favorite part of your virtual wedding?”


A Complete Virtual Wedding with Unlimited Guests for $1200 ($1450CAD)

Reserve your date with a $200 deposit. Add-ons also available.




Top 3 Reasons to Have a Virtual Wedding

Save Thousands

The average U.S. wedding costs over $30k (yes, seriously). A virtual wedding saves so much and helps you start married life on the right foot financially.

Fantastic Guest Experience

With Wedfuly, guests get an up-close look at your wedding, feel like active participants, and stay safe & comfy at home. Many guests have said it was the best wedding they have ever attended.

Fast, Stress-Free Planning

Repeat after us: wedding planning should not give you stress dreams. Virtual weddings keep things simple, come together in weeks (not years), and are actually fun to plan.

Virtual Wedding FAQs

What’s included in a Wedfuly virtual wedding?

Our service includes your own personal Wedfuly coordinator, a virtual wedding expert who will help you plan your wedding and host/emcee your virtual event. You’ll have two planning calls and two rehearsal calls with your coordinator. Day-of, we include one hour of prep time and two hours for your virtual wedding. This also includes full wedding footage. For more details, check out our Pricing page.

What makes a Wedfuly wedding different from a livestream?

The Wedfuly guest experience is much more engaging and emotional than a typical livestream. We set up multiple camera angles so your guests always have the best view of the action (smart phone cameras work great for this!). We also offer a variety of interactive components throughout the wedding, such as toasts, virtual reception tables, and dancing. 

What tech equipment will I need for a Wedfuly wedding?

Probably a lot less than you think. Smart phone cameras work very well to capture video. On the audio side, your coordinator will recommend some simple ideas for speakers and mics. We also have tech rental packages available.

Don’t sweat the A/V – your coordinator will be extremely helpful and knowledgeable!

What online platform do you use for wedding guests?

We currently use Zoom for weddings. Most guests find Zoom highly intuitive, but we also include a brief tech walk-through prior to and ongoing tech support throughout your virtual wedding to ensure no guest is left behind.

What types of venues work well for virtual weddings?

Anywhere with good Wifi or cell service! If most of your guests will be virtual, then getting creative with your venue can save quite a bit of money. Many couples rent a nice AirBNB or simply use a backyard space or pretty living room setup. We’ll happily work with typical wedding venues as well. Once you’ve picked your venue, your coordinator will advise you on decor and camera angles that will translate well virtually.

Will a Wedfuly coordinator attend my wedding in person?

No. Your coordinator will work with you to identify an on-site contact – someone you already know who can be present on your wedding day and be your coordinator’s “eyes, ears, and hands.” This allows us to keep Wedfuly weddings safe and well priced!

Can Wedfuly help with my traditional Jewish or Indian wedding?

Yes. We have quite a bit of experience with traditional Indian and Jewish wedding customs, and will respectfully honor any other cultural tradition you’d like included in your wedding.

We Love Your Love

Wedfuly is dedicated to creating an inclusive wedding experience for people of diverse cultures, races, identities, orientations, classes, sizes, abilities, and ages. 

Read more about what we stand for.