How It Works

We’re experts at creating a livestream wedding experience that fits into YOUR wedding.

Here’s how we do it.


The Process

Every Wedfuly wedding is unique, but the steps to get there look like this.

1: $200 deposit saves your date

No need to have all the details figured out yet – that’s what we’re here for!

2: Tell us your vision

With nearly a thousand weddings under our belt, we’ve seen it all. We’ll listen to what matters most to you, and tailor your (& your guests’) experience accordingly.

3: We get to work

We’ll work alongside any existing vendors to devise an A/V plan that fits in seamlessly, get going on any fun extras you want to include, then create a timeline that’s ideal for the virtual format.

4: Wedding day – show time!

Your guests will be blown away by the quality and production value of your wedding. Afterwards, you’ll receive the full footage from us (plus a few extra goodies to help you remember the day).

NEW! Rental equipment now included in all Wedfuly weddings.

All base packages now include professional rental equipment for your wedding livestream. Depending on your on-site support preferences, we’ll either bring equipment on-site for you, or ship it directly to your door.


The Two Key Players in Your Livestream Experience

We treat your wedding livestream like a professional production – using both on-site support and a team behind the scenes running the show.

#1: Remote Production Team

Always Provided by Wedfuly

This team is our secret sauce, and its makeup varies depending on your wedding. We listen to your vision and staff up with the appropriate experts for you.

With You From the Start

Once you book, you’ll have immediate access to your expert team – including a single point of contact to lean on through your wedding day.

Behind-the-Scenes on Wedding Day

Day-of, we’re your virtual control room and concierge. We’ll manage the live wedding production, direct the on-site person, and take care of your remote guests.

#2: On-site Support Person

Optionally Provided by Wedfuly

Many couples provide their own on-site support via a tech-savvy friend or family member. We can also support on-site in most major U.S. cities.