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Planning a wedding can be stressful and hiring a professional is expensive. With Wedfuly we make it easy and affordable through professional virtual planning.

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Pinterest your little heart out until you have your dream wedding (although you've probably been doing this since you were 6)


Match with a professional planner, communicate with your planner via the Wedfuly platform, and watch your dream come to life


Put on your party clothes and get ready to say "I Do!" to the love of your life. Enjoy your special day stress free

How it Works
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Meet the Team

While searching for a tech job within a female influenced industry, Caroline discovered the online wedding world. Oversaturated and stuck in the 2000s, Caroline started researching ways to bring technology into the industry. Having known each other for 10 years, Caroline pitched Tim the idea with little hopes of him being interested in the wedding world. Caroline was thrilled when Tim came on board.

From the beginning days in Kansas City to now, Tim and Caroline are polar opposites. Caroline is big picture; Tim is detail-oriented. Caroline eats a balanced diet; Tim enjoys Lucky Charms. Caroline loves wilderness adventures; Tim reads transit maps, not trail maps. Insight and execution. We balance each other perfectly.

Caroline Creidenberg


Tim Shedor


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