According to Wedding Wire 62% of couples that got married during this year had a wedding live stream or virtual element to their wedding. That’s a massive increase from the days before COVID, when couples were opting for “cell phone free” ceremonies. And the way things are going currently, this new trend is not likely to go anywhere. Wedding experts are predicting that tech heavy weddings are here to stay, even post pandemic. In this blog post, we’re going to look at the top 3 reasons we believe wedding live streams are a key component to a stellar wedding.

Reason #1–Convenience

The number one reason why having a wedding live stream is important is due to accessibility. Elderly family members aren’t always able to travel cross country, but there is no way they would want to miss their beloved granddaughter’s wedding. Having a wedding live stream that is an incredible way for them to be a part of your day! Additionally, other situations such as pregnant mamas ready to pop and international travellers are common situations. Having a virtual wedding allows them to be a part of the wedding day without risking their health or draining their pocket books. 

Wedding live streams are a great way for grandparents (or even great grandparents) to participate in your day if they can’t travel.

High Quality Wedding Live Stream

According to, they predict that Zoom weddings are a new staple within the industry. One of the main reasons is that the viewing experience is high quality. Before the pandemic, you might have seen a janky Iphone casually filming the ceremony. However, nowadays, the art of a virtual wedding set up has been perfected. Virtual guests are able to clearly hear and see every single detail of what is happening on site. This makes for an enjoyable and meaningful viewing experience for them.

Marissa and Jimmy had a TV monitor set up for their backyard wedding live stream to be able to see their guests better.
The guest experience for virtual attendees is really high quality thanks to lots of trial and error.

Reason #2–Cost Effective

Let’s face it. Traditional weddings are CRAZY expensive. When you end up paying for every single guests’ food and drinks, you are most likely doling out around $100/per person. By opting for a hybrid wedding with a wedding live stream, you drastically reduce your cost. Instead of paying for 150 people, you might only pay for 50 people. A hybrid wedding set up allows you to have the wedding of your dreams and still stay on a tight budget. In the past weddings have been a huge financial undertaking that many couples simply can’t afford. Virtual weddings are a great equalizer and allow couples to celebrate their love without sacrificing their life’s savings for one day.

Micro weddings are an incredible way to cut down on the overall cost without sacrificing the quality.
Wedfuly couple Anna and Michael share a special moment with friends and family at their hybrid wedding.

The Pandemic Has Created A ‘New Normal’

While this pandemic hasn’t brought us many upsides, one positive residual effect is the “new wedding normal”. During the pandemic we saw a massive increase in hybrid and micro weddings…intimate weddings that are just as beautiful as large gatherings. With pandemic couples paving the way, people will be much more used to the idea of a hybrid wedding–whether they are attending in person or virtually. If the thought of splitting your guest list up into two categories terrifies you, check out this blog post for some ideas of how to begin. 

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Reason #3–Everything is going virtual

In our ever evolving fast paced world, literally everything is now accessible online. That being said, many parts of the wedding process will also be available online. Nowadays you can meet with your wedding planner, florist, photographer–heck even your priest, on a Zoom meeting. This saves precious time for couples that are planning their weddings amidst busy schedules. It also gives you access to vendors that you might not have been able to connect with otherwise. With all of these parts of the wedding planning process being virtual, it only makes sense to have a wedding live stream as part of your big day. 

If you decide to work with Wedfuly, all of your planning meetings will be virtual–saving you time and money.
Wedfuly couple Lou and Susan had a beautiful wedding live stream that allowed all of their friends and family to participate.

10–even 5 years ago, we would not have predicted that we would be getting married on Zoom meetings. And look where we are! Technology has rapidly changed our world and connects us to people in ways we could have never imagined. Who knows what the next 10 years could hold for the wedding industry? Your guess is as good as ours!