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Part I: Love in the Time of COVID


The next few months flew by as my days seemed to be consumed by phone calls and decisions. Nothing like planning a wedding during COVID-19 to really bring out the best in ya! Ask Eric how much he enjoyed that Emily! 😉

Wedding week arrived and our families came in from Kansas City and Chicago and drove up to the mountains. We were able to get several Airbnbs next to each other in Vail, which made the days leading up to the wedding so much fun.

On the day of our wedding, I woke up feeling oddly calm. (Which, if you know me, is not always my default mode). I went for a run, journaled by the river and started getting ready around 2 PM. I was able to relax at the house with Em (my maid of honor) and Quinci (my cousin). I anticipated feeling so sad to not have all of my friends with me, but actually felt so surrounded in love by the book of letters they had all written me. By the time 5 pm rolled around, I was so ready! 

I walked into the backyard where we would be having the ceremony and a huge smile broke across my face. My vision had come to life.

There were rows of white folding chairs set up in front of the most beautiful Aspen log arch I have ever seen. There were several phones and tripods discreetly set up to capture the magic for the virtual guests. The ceremony was a blur of laughter and tears and handwritten vows, culminating in the best moment ever….getting to say YES! to Eric. After the ceremony, we moved all of the folding chairs to the side and got ready to move into some pieces of the reception. 

I had originally thought it was going to be so strange to jump immediately into dancing and toasts in the backyard right after the ceremony. I wanted to end the Zoom right after the ceremony, for fear of it being awkward or staged. However, Caroline convinced me otherwise, explaining how these pieces were what made Zoom guests feel so included and as if they were actually there with you. And boy was she right! We did a first dance, father/daughter, mother/son dance and a group dance. The group dance was AMAZING. Chris Brown’s “Forever” started blaring through the speakers and the people were feeling it. Watching our friends and family shamelessly dance around their living rooms and my grandpa looking slightly confused as to what was going on was insanely fun! I truly felt like they were right there with us.

To end the Zoom, we got to watch the surprise video. The surprise video is a Wedfuly add-on where we compiled a list of guests that we wanted the Wedfuly team to reach out to. They created this incredible video with friends and family sharing special memories with us and toasting to us. It brought tears to my eyes and once again, truly made it feel like our loved ones were right there with us. We then got to step in front of the camera with our parents and thank everyone for joining us virtually. Seeing guests from all over the country (and world–shoutout to our friends in Spain that joined from the middle of the night!) made me feel so loved.

I took a deep breath and realized….we most definitely had made the right decision. 

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