When Will It Be Safe To Have a Wedding Again?

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Pandemic Brides + Grooms Deserve an Award

To all of the brides and grooms out there planning a wedding during a global pandemic… WE SEE YOU! You deserve a shiny gold star and a free trip to the spa. Gone are the days of the stress being limited to “picking the perfect cake” or “choosing the right color palette”. Nowadays couples are having to take into account very real and serious factors, such as guests’ safety and wellbeing. The constant question being asked is “when will it be safe to have a wedding again?”

With so much information, misinformation and opinions out there, it can be very difficult to figure out what the “right” thing to do is. Should you postpone your wedding? Elope? Throw a micro wedding or a minimony? There are so many options to consider that it can feel overwhelming at times. All of us here at Wedfuly are here to help. In this post we will look at what your options are. We want you to arrive at a decision that you feel good about and to have a beautiful and memorable wedding. As cliche and overused as it may be–love isn’t cancelled 🙂

Defer to the CDC and Local Governments for Guidance

With how rapidly things are changing in our country and our world, it’s important to get accurate information. Refer to the CDC’s guidelines in order to figure out how to best structure your wedding. Additionally, for more specific questions around capacity + restrictions, go to your local government for guidance. While there is still definitely some ambiguity here, this is definitely a starting point for making wise and informed decisions.

Consider a Virtual Wedding

We may be biased but virtual weddings are AMAZING when done right. You get the best of both worlds: the intimacy of a small wedding as well as the fun of a big wedding. Additionally, if you decide to go forward with your wedding in the midst of the pandemic, you are not alone. According to the Knot, 71% of people decided to go ahead with their weddings, even though it most likely looked different for them.

Listed below are some reasons to consider a virtual wedding:

  • Smaller guest list= smaller risk. Whether you decide to opt for an elopement, micro wedding or minimony, there is definitely less health risk than having a large wedding. You won’t have to stress about your 96 year old grandma Pearl hopping on an airplane or your immunocompromised guests attending.
  • Less expenses. Who doesn’t love saving money….heck thousands?? With the average wedding costing over $30,000, weddings are a major financial investment. If that number sounds a bit crazy to you, you’re not alone! Many Wedfuly brides have cut their budgets in half (some even moreso) by opting for a virtual wedding. Additionally, many brides have shared that by having a micro wedding they’ve been able to splurge on things they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise if they stuck with their original guest list.
  • Low Stress Wedding Day. We’ve heard it time and time again, Wedfuly brides share how unstressed they were on their wedding day. Seems like an oxymoron right? Unstressed brides?! However, as crazy as it seems…hear us out on this one. If you opt for a virtual wedding, you will most likely have a small guest list and could potentially be getting married in your own backyard. This low key environment sets the perfect tone for getting to be fully present and enjoy intimate conversations with many of your guests. No more spending hours walking from table to table thanking all of your parents’ friends for coming. (Sorry mom!) Introverts, you can thank us later!
Virtual weddings lend themselves to a fun + low stress wedding day. Who doesn’t want that?!

IF you decide to opt for an in person wedding, consider these things:

Even with the vaccine, there will still be safety measures in place

At this point, the vaccine is currently is focusing on the elderly population as well as frontline workers. According to Dr. Facui, the head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Americans who are under 65 and healthy may be able to get their vaccinations by this April.

While this is GREAT news, this doesn’t necessarily mean things immediately go back to “normal”. We will most likely still be practicing social distancing, mask wearing and other safety measures. Additionally, it is also possible that parts of the population will not get the vaccine and will still need to be cautious. This is just something to keep in mind if you are aiming for a wedding in the near distant future. However, Dr. Fauci estimates that if 70% of the population is vaccinated by Fall 2021, we might be able to roll back some of the safety measures that are currently in place.

Precautions you can take for a safe wedding

Choose an outdoor space

Opting for an outdoor space is going to be your safest bet when deciding on a wedding venue. The fact that your guests will not be in an enclosed space without air circulation is key. Additionally, outdoor venues lend themselves to social distancing and allow your guests to spread out in ways they couldn’t do otherwise. If it is going to be cold when you are getting married, consider looking into renting heating lamps or fire pits. Place warm + fuzzy throw blankets in baskets throughout the seating areas. This will up your warmth factor as well as the hygge.  Stumped as to what could be a good outdoor option? Check out this blog post to see how almost any outdoor space can be transformed into a beautiful wedding venue. 

Parks make for a great outdoor wedding venue. Marissa and Toby opted for a park nearby where they live!

Consolidate your guest list

The next biggest factor in regards to safety is related to your guest list. Consider paring down your list to the bare bones. Although this will initially feel sad, you can definitely still include them in the virtual portion of your wedding. Many couples have been wondering “how do I go about this? How do I uninvite people from my wedding??” We hear you…it’s definitely a challenging and uncomfortable situation.

However, the fact that we are in an unprecedented time means that there are essentially no “rules” or “right ways” to do this. Give yourself grace and know that your guests will as well. You can choose to call/email or text your guests to let them know that you are having to cut down your guest list to a much smaller number. Let them know that they will be greatly missed and that you look forward to celebrating with them in the following year.

Consolidating your guest list is one way to make sure you have a safe wedding!

Consider creative ways to include guests that can’t be there

Just because certain loved ones can’t be physically present with you doesn’t mean they can’t be “there.” Check out this amazing couple that created cardboard cut outs of all of their family and friends that couldn’t be there. A+ for creativity + innovation in our book!! 

Let attendees know the safety measures beforehand

If you are planning on having in person guests at your wedding, let them know ahead of time the safety precautions you will be taking. For example, you can let them know the expectations on mask wearing and social distancing. You can also provide additional seating options if they don’t want to sit super closely to other guests. It is important to message to your  guests what the expectations are so that you will be compliant with what the venue is asking you to do.

Start working on Plan B

As the old saying goes, “plan for the best, prepare for the worst.” We know that it is work enough to plan ONE wedding, let alone two. However, it is wise that you take some time to think through option #2 just in case something has to change in regards to the current wedding you are planning. Can your event be moved outside? Is it possible to eliminate any unnecessary pieces + expenses + vendors? Can you think of how to turn your guest list into “in person” as well as “virtual”. Can you elope now and throw a party later?

Many Wedfuly couples that opt for their Plan B are amazed at how much fun a virtual wedding can be!

If You Have to Postpone Your Wedding

If you end up needing to postpone your wedding, you’re not alone. Many couples have had to do so in the past year. According to Heather Balliet, a wedding planner, the latest she suggests holding off on postponing is six weeks before your date. This would be about the time that your invitations would be going out. Consider sending out virtual or paper “Change the Dates” to let your guests know what you plan to do. Additionally, you should definitely still celebrate your original date! Pop a bottle of champagne and dress up–even if it’s just to celebrate with your fiance in your home. You can use this night to dream about what your real wedding will be like. 

Additional Things to Consider When Postponing

Make sure to check in with your vendors about postponing your date. This is the time to be clear about what is spelled out in your contract and if they have flexibility + availability to accommodate your future date. Lastly, some brides are asking whether they should change their color scheme + dress based on if the seasons are changing. We say if you loved it then, you should keep it! If you purchased a strapless dress for the summer and now have to postpone until the fall, rock that dress! Consider adding a beautiful wrap or jacket and you are good to go. The same goes for colors…most colors will work great year round. However, if there is one that simply feels “too fall” or “too summer”..see if there is a similar color but in a different shade that you could swap it out for.

No One Will Forget Your Wedding 

Someday when we look back at this insane time in our lives we’re all going to say “what in the world was 2020?!” And if you happen to be one of those couples that got married within this time…congrats to you! You successfully navigated planning a wedding amidst one of the most stressful times of our world. Fancy weddings come & go. Pinteresty barn weddings all start to blur together. But no one will forget a pandemic wedding!