Wedfuly Superlatives


It’s that time of year folks! When the yearbooks are hot off the press and everybody wants to see who got “best dressed” and “most likely to succeed”. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of “Wedfuly’s Best”. After having executed 600+ virtual weddings since last March, we have had a fair amount of time to gather together some of our favorites. We put our heads together and came up with an extensive list of some of our faves.

Best Dressed

Arjun + Nishta. We are still not over Nishtha’s stunning red wedding dress with beautiful detailing on the sleeve. Additionally, Arjun complements her nicely in a sleek tan suit. Looking good you guys. 10/10 from all of us!!

Best Music

Kelly + Joe. Talk about epic. Kelly and Joe ended their amazing and lively wedding on a high note. (Literally). They both share a love of karaoke and decided to go for it. They sang Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” and absolutely crushed it. It was heartwarming and truly gave us *all the feels*

Most Epic Group Dance 

This was a hard one. We simply couldn’t pick one. If you’ve ever attended a Wedfuly virtual wedding, then you KNOW how simply delightful group dances are. Listed below are our top 3.

  • Meagan + Ashton. Talk about a wild crew. The guests at Meagan + Ashton’s wedding were having THE TIME of their lives during the group dance. Guests were breaking it down in their living rooms like it was a full on dance floor. And we don’t blame them…the mashup playlist that Meagan and Ashton curated was fabulous. 
  • Kamillah + Stephan. For starters, Kamillah and Stephan had guests from all seven continents in attendance. Yes–you read that right. They had a guest joining from Antarctica. Throw in some killer tunes and some really fun people…and you get one epic group dance, happening worldwide.
  • Laya+ Gil. The guests at Laya and Gil’s wedding really took it to the next level. During the group dance there were two virtual participants that started competing against each other with their dance moves. The Wedfuly host, Callaway, started spotlighting each them and they continued to up the ante by putting chairs and pets on their heads. “I was in tears it was so funny,” Callaway said.

Best Virtual Guests

Michelle + Ryan. This dynamic duo had a huge guest list and hundreds of virtual guests that participated in their wedding. Additionally, their guest list was divided into different parts of their life and named accordingly. To top it all of–they had a friend serve as the MC of their wedding–it doesn’t get much better than that. Well done Michelle and Ryan–y’all are loved!

Sweetest Toast

Gina + Emily. To be completely honest, we have watched our fair share of cringey virtual wedding toasts in our time. This is why when a good toast comes around, we truly savor it. Gina and Emily had a virtual wedding guest that did a fantastic pre-recorded toast. She took the time to edit the footage and make sure it was great. Additionally, it was super funny and the brides LOVED it! 

Yummiest Wedding Cake

Lauren + Anthony. *Insert drooling emoji here* For starters, Lauren and Anthony had not one but TWO delicious looking cakes. One of the cakes was a multiple layer funfetti cake topped with beautiful rainbow flowers (to match their theme). The other cake was a multiple layer chocolate cake topped with Reeses and Nut Butters. Now if only we could have found a way to reach through our screens and snag a bite…

Coolest Venues

From rooftops to backyards to bridges to national parks–there is no wedding venue that has not been covered. And we relish in the unconventionality of it all! When it came down to picking just one amazing venue, we just couldn’t do it. Listed here are our top 3.

  • Stephanie + Justen. This beautiful couple tied the knot in the middle of the desert at Amangiri–a luxury set up. From breathtaking ceremony views to an artfully designed reception dinner table….it was unmatched. We only wish that we could have been in attendance!!
  • Emily + Eric. Location. Location. Location. Emily and Eric got married in a family member’s backyard in Vail, Colorado. Their vows were exchanged under a colorful flower arch overlooking the majestic Gore Range. Their wedding had us all desperate for a mountain getaway…to that exact location.
  • Jennie + Michael. We’re sensing a theme here. Some of the most amazing wedding venues that we’ve seen are the outdoors ones. Jennie and Michael got married in California at San Ysidro Ranch. During the ceremony the sun set and the beauty was unreal. Them, they had placed candles lining the aisle so when it got dark everything was lit up. The picture doesn’t even do it justice!

Best Themed Wedding 

Kimberly + Randy. Magic was in the air as these two exchanged vows! From sporting wands to a Harry Potter themed cake, these two really nailed their themed wedding. Additionally, they were able to stick to their theme in a tasteful way that didn’t overwhelm the rest of the wedding. After we logged off of their wedding all we wanted to do was curl up on the couch with The Sorcerer’s Stone.