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What’s a non-traditional wedding?

The whole “walk down an aisle in a suit or white dress” thing doesn’t appeal to everyone (and for good reason). We’ve been lucky to work with many creative couples who’ve gone against the status quo. From surprise weddings, to a funky disco prom, to a rooftop hip hop/skateboard theme. You won’t throw us for a loop, we promise.

How does Wedfuly fit in? 

We want nothing more than for you to feel authentically YOU on your wedding day, and will do everything possible to make your vision come to life. The virtual format leaves room for a ton of creative touches, multi-media elements, and other non-trad shenanigans. We’ll listen to your vision and lean into it with you; we’re happy to be part of the ride!

Top Benefits of a Wedfuly Non-Traditional Wedding

Make It Memorable

Getting creative with your wedding plans, along with the high production value that Wedfuly brings to your event, makes for a celebration that your guests will be talking about for a long, long time.

Be Authentically You

Going virtual removes the pressure of typical wedding expectations and traditions, leaving space for you and your partner to celebrate your love however feels most true to you. 

Save Thousands

With Wedfuly, you’ll spend a tiny fraction of a typical wedding. This gives you room to splurge on the aspects you truly care about or bank your savings for a down payment or an epic honeymoon.

Sofia & Lukasz's Story

This LA couple had been together for over a decade, but the traditional engagement-wedding thing never appealed to them. When they found Wedfuly their creative juices started flowing, and they planned a rooftop, 90s hip hop-themed wedding in just a few weeks.

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