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A small in-person guest list + Wedfuly = best of both worlds

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What’s a micro-wedding?

We consider an micro-wedding to be a wedding with 10-40 in-person guests. Venues vary but are typically simple; many times these are backyard weddings or destination weddings.

How does Wedfuly fit in?

Wedfuly allows you to have the small, intimate wedding of your dreams without leaving anyone out. We ensure your virtual guests have an amazing time and feel engaged throughout – never like a second-tier guest.

Top Benefits of a Wedfuly Micro-Wedding

Save Thousands

With 40 in-person guests or fewer, a Wedfuly micro-wedding costs a tiny fraction of the average wedding. This gives you room to splurge on the aspects you truly care about, or bank your savings for a down payment or an epic honeymoon.

Fantastic Guest Experience

With Wedfuly, guests get an up-close look at your wedding (from multiple angles), feel like active participants, and stay safe & comfy at home. Many Wedfuly guests have said it was the best wedding they have ever attended (in-person or virtually).

Fast, Stress-Free Planning

Repeat after us: wedding planning should not give you stress dreams. Wedfuly micro-weddings come together in just a couple of weeks, and your Wedfuly coordinator does the heavy lifting.

Joe & Kelly's Story

This Nashville couple got hitched in a tent in Kelly’s parent’s backyard, with 20 family members attending in person and more than 250 guests tuning in from home. Their celebration included a beautiful processional (dogs and virtual groomsmen included), a group dance, and heartwarming toasts. Once the virtual component wrapped, Kelly & Joe continued the evening, spoiling their in-person guests with a delicious sit-down dinner.

All-in, the couple spent $7k on their wedding, down from their original budget of $20k.

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