Wedfuly for Larger Weddings

Let all your loved ones attend – despite geography, finances, or other life circumstances

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What’s considered a larger wedding?

We consider a larger wedding an in-person guest list of 40 or more.

How does Wedfuly fit in?

Wedfuly gives your guests a third RSVP option: attending virtually. This inclusive approach is so considerate, as guests can attend regardless of budget, travel, or health considerations. Wedfuly will ensure your virtual guests feel engaged and valued, and help seamlessly integrate your in-person and virtual celebrations.

Top Benefits of a Including Wedfuly in a Larger Wedding

Invite More People

A Wedfuly virtual component removes limitations on how many guests can attend your wedding. By guests attending virtually, you’ll save money too.

Be Inclusive

Offering a virtual wedding option is incredibly considerate for guests, and lets them opt-in to attending in whatever way is best from a budget, travel, and health perspective.

Perfect for International Guests

Friends and family overseas? Allow them to actively participate in your wedding without the expense and risk of traveling internationally.

Marlin & Arlene's Story

Marlin & Arlene’s hybrid wedding included 50 guests in-person, with many more joining via Wedfuly. To integrate the two celebrations, they opted for virtual reception tables and sent out champagne and favors to virtual guests ahead of time. “We’ve had nothing but incredible feedback,” they said.

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