Local Denver Bridesmaid Gifts

Local Denver Bridesmaid Gifts

Here are seven bright gifting ideas from companies all started by women (for some extra girlpower), right in Denver.

There may be four, five, even ten bridesmaids standing with you as you leap forward into the next phase of your life. Regardless of how many or how few there are, they each deserve your best gifting to show your love for their support. Here are seven bright gifting ideas from companies all started by women (for some extra girlpower), right in Denver.

1. Fig and Yarrow
[$42 Rose sandalwood complexion water]
Knowing that your skin is safe, healthy and cared for with the products you use, is priceless. Fig and Yarrow’s simple design speaks for its honest and wholesome composition: non-toxic, hand-crafted, botanical. Plus, what’s better than knowing you have provided your bridesmaids with local, serene, facial care products? Brandy Monique, creator of Fig and Yarrow, knows just how magical embracing natural healers can be.

Fig and Farrow’s clay masks make for great midday refreshers and before-bed cleansers. During a special time like this, feeling refreshed and cleansed is vital

2. Jay Davis Bags
[$120-$200 handbag]
Handmade, individual, peerless – just a few ways to describe Jay Davis Bags. Whether your style is simple, eclectic, boho or chic, there is a bag for you. Each hide cut is different, each aggott individual, each design exceptional. Jessica Davis is the designer and creator of Jay Davis bags and has been working with leathers since she was in eighth grade and stone hunting with her grandmother throughout her childhood.

When it comes to bridesmaids gifts, if you’re looking for soul and loyalty in a product, this is it. After a discussion over color and general style of your bridesmaids with Jessica, she takes the reigns and creates as many individual pieces as you request. The art of how her bags are made, the energy that comes within each piece and the unique style are enough to be considered your most thoughtful bridesmaid gift.

3. Mer Sea & Co.
[$119 wrap]
Wrap it up, all the time. Before the wedding, after the wedding, by the beach, in the snow, near the water, in the country, at dusk, at dawn and all the time in between. Mer Sea & Co., started by two women in love with the sea and determined to make gifting a personal and simple experience, embodies everything sun, sand and sea. Their company is based in Kansas City, Wedfuly Founder’s hometown, and sells in nine stores located in Denver.

With as many options as Mer Sea provides, you have no excuse not just to want, but to need a wrap. The simple and clean packaging of each wrap makes it easy to gift without any extra work and its versatility leaves no room for a bridesmaid not to love. Wraps come in multiple styles and textures such as linen, cotton, reversible, tasseled, sport, turtleneck and it’s up to you to decide what your bridesmaids need most.

4. Infinite Monkey Theorem
[$25 for tour, $15 for a 4-pack]
Some are meant for cheese tastings in vineyards and others are meant for canned wine with music. Infinite Monkey Theorem offers a winery experience, in the middle of Denver. There is beauty in simplicity and there is beauty in relaxation, both of which they have to offer. If you’re eager to get your stress off with your gals at your side, book this. Infinite Monkey Theorem is all about what’s important: family, friends and tasty wine.

“We wanted an environment that’s welcoming, hip, and still a quality product” Nicki McTague, VP of Corporate Operations said. “No sniffing and swirling – just grab a can and have fun with it.”

Experience is priceless.

5. Alchemy
[$45 facial]
You’ve bonded, laughed and cried, but now it’s time to relax together. Although we’d like to think weddings are nothing but joy and ease, they are often stressful. Where there is stress, there is potential for breakouts, rashes and oily messes. This is when Alchemy’s $45 facial comes in handy, with quality time with your favorite gals, champagne and snacks.

It’s not often we find an affordable cleansing experience, so consider this your golden ticket.

6. Heidi Kidd jewelry
[$100 Mini Bar Diamond]
Think diamonds and gold and accessories and gifting –– it can be tough to choose which one and how to give it until you have a local jeweler who knows their stuff. Think about the jewelry maker who believes that jewelry is meant to compliment the person rather than vice versa. Heidi Kidd, creator of Heidi Kidd Jewelry said that herself, it’s about the girl, not the accessory.

She’s been making jewelry since she was a young girl and only decided to take up her line full time four years ago. Heidi herself makes most of the jewelry, with the help of two other women, upholding her hand-crafted promise and filling each accessory with her skill and love for the art.

Her recommended versatile piece is the Mini Bar Necklace with Diamonds. It’s 14 karat gold, simple, and contemporary –– not too much, not too little, sounds like just the piece for you and your besties.

7. Fluff Blowdry Bar
[$35 for makeup, $40 for blowout]
Bridal celebration dates back to B.C., which is one of many reasons Fluff values the experience more than anything. Surround yourself with your gals, the love, champagne and the Fluff beauty suite for a day to soak up the laughs and blow out the stress.

This experience begins with a blowout and makeup at Fluff Beauty Bar and ends with a night on the town looking your best. Fluff Beauty Bar was created to celebrate women’s life milestones, this time it’s your turn.

The ambiance of the Fluff courtyard compliments the experience, the experience compliments the girls and the girls make the day. Take it from the ladies who specialize in making your special day, special.