Vendor Spotlight: Anna Boardman

Vendor Spotlight: Anna Boardman

Wedfuly writer, Catherine Esrey, sat down with Rising Star Vendor Anna Boardman Photography to learn more about her journey as a photographer and what drives her to get the shot of a lifetime.

The ring is finally on hand, the clergy deems you a married couple and family and friends cheer for the newlyweds. Photographer Anna Boardman is there to capture each intimate moment. Anna was part of Wedfuly’s first ever wedding and spends her career crafting pictures to keep for a lifetime. Her playful attitude allows for couples to feel natural during shoots turning out the memorable photos every couple is looking for.

Wedfuly writer, Catherine Esrey, sat down with Rising Star Vendor Anna Boardman Photography to learn more about her journey as a photographer and what drives her to get the shot of a lifetime.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Any special reason why you shoot weddings? If so what?

Being a wedding photographer offers an insanely beautiful and unique position. All the sacred moments that are normally reserved for closest friends and family are offered up to me, more or less a stranger. I am privy to couples saying yes to the biggest commitment and journey ever. What an honor to witness two people finding each other and saying yes to forever, come thick or thin… Not to use the trendy phrase, but it really does give me all the feels. It is seriously fun, relational and creatively stretching! Things that I need to keep me ticking.

What is your style of photography? Why did you choose it?

Style… there are so many different perspectives on what that means and how to describe it, but I’ll give you my version. I am not dark and moody, nor am I light and airy. I think I would describe my work as bright and rich, timeless but not overly soft. It feels more classic and lasting for my taste. Inevitably there will be a changing of trends and hopefully, my images and colors will still evoke feeling long after the various style shifts occur. I also think that I focus a lot on emotion. I give couples ways to love and interact with each other so they know what to do with themselves without compromising the authenticity of their emotions. This is a huge part of “photography style” that I don’t think people always think of. How people feel when you are direct them is hugely important. I would describe my approach as comfortable and playful.

What is your favorite part about being a wedding photographer?

Favorite part, ugh, that’s hard… honestly, it might be when it’s all done and the gallery is delivered. The emails and phone calls of thanks totally fill me up. Nothing like knowing your couple just received “heirlooms” that their kids and grandkids will pour over one day. To help build a couple’s visual legacy. I freakin’ love that. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I breathe a sigh of relief after each gallery is delivered. I love the process and it feels good to accomplish a visual story from start to finish.

When people look at their wedding photos 10 years from now what do you want them to say/think?

I want them to say/think, “yes, this is my day, this is how it felt” And my hope is that they will see those photos and think, man I loved you then… but how much more so now. For time to grow their love, that is the goal. Wedding days are just the kickoff.

What’s your relationship like with your clients/couples?

Gosh, I feel like for this one is easier to have a client answer for me, because of course, I will give you a bias answer of what I hope for each client relationship, This is a review from a couple, Carolyn and Daniel. “Anna made it feel easy, like we were the oldest of friends. Her prompts felt natural, playful suggestions that brought out our best selves. We left with our cheeks hurting from smiling, it kinda felt like some bizarre, wonderful date with paparazzi.”

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