The Best 11 Trends For 2021 Hybrid Weddings


While we’ve obviously seen changes within the world of weddings before, this past year has really shaken things up. Nothing like a global pandemic to really flip everything on its head! In this post we are going to take a look at the upcoming trends for summer 2021 weddings and beyond. Bold wedding dresses, hybrid weddings, intimate guest lists and outdoor venue spaces–we are here for it!

#1–Sustainability + Eco Friendly Options

What is starting as a ‘trend’ will *hopefully* just become the norm in the world of weddings. Couples this year are really trying to be intentional about the waste that is produced from their weddings, according to One practical way to do so is to reduce the amount of single use plasticware that is used. Opt for linen napkins and dishware that can be washed and not thrown away.

Renting Is The Way To Go

Additionally–you can literally rent ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. According to this site you can rent your wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, table linens, ceramics and silk flowers (yes–that’s a thing & yes they look beautiful!) Also, consider ways that you can repurpose things from home. Think: furniture, potted plants and dishware. Lastly, try to eliminate as much food waste as possible. See if your caterer will box up uneaten food to send home with guests or see if there is a food bank you can send the excess food to.

Shelby Cox Photography
You can rent almost ANYTHING for your wedding–including linens and table decor.

#2–Outdoor Tented Events

What started as a necessity for social distancing has now become a major trend that is here to stay. According to The Knot couples are opting for fresh air events like never before. Think twinkly lights, long farmhouse tables & dining al fresco—ahhhh pure bliss. Many couples that are choosing outdoor events are choosing to host them in backyards–whether their own or a family member’s. The beauty of a backyard wedding is the fact that you eliminate the venue cost and get to create a truly unique + curated event for your guests. Looking to pull this look off yourself? Check with your planners and vendors to see if they can create a custom lighting experience that is whimsical and “fairy-like”. The lighting and the tent will be the foundation of your outdoor event.

Shelby Cox Photography
Outdoor ceremonies and receptions are a must for Summer 2021 hybrid weddings.
Tented receptions with twinkly lights make for an incredible ambiance for your hybrid wedding.
This outdoor hybrid wedding set up is giving us *all the feels*

#3–Hybrid Weddings

2020 was the YEAR of virtual weddings and we don’t expect that this will be going away any time soon. We expect people to continue to fully embrace the hybrid wedding + micro wedding + elopement format in years to come. The beauty of a hybrid wedding is that it allows you to truly focus on the smallest of details. You don’t have to cut down on your guest list and you also don’t have to be overwhelmed by a huge amount of people present.  You are able to create an intentional experience for each guest that is present. Think quality over quantity. Along with the hybrid wedding–expect virtual aspects of weddings to remain. Virtual elements allow for guests to still get to be a part of your special day–even if they aren’t able to make it because of travel or other reasons.  

Hybrid weddings are an intimate way to celebrate your most special day.
Hybrid weddings are truly the best of both worlds; intimate and inclusive all at the same time.
Alec and Mary chat with their virtual guests during their beautiful hybrid wedding.
Having virtual speakers and toasters is a great way to include guests at your hybrid wedding.

#4–Extended Celebrations + Weekday Weddings

With so many weddings rescheduled from last year and dates being booked up far in advance–the Knot predicts a rise in weekday weddings. The beauty of a weekday wedding? Not only can you save thousands—you also might be able to get a venue that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Sounds like a win win to us! In addition to weekday weddings, couples are looking for ways to extend the celebrations over a period of multiple days. Think: wedding celebration drawn out into multiple events spanning over a long weekend. This is especially fun if you have out of town guests and want to make their stay worth their while!