Wedfuly Wedding: Susan and Carlos

Wedfuly Wedding: Susan and Carlos

As many modern love stories go, Susan and Carlos have multiple bars and online dating to thank for their match made in heaven.

As many modern love stories go, Susan and Carlos have multiple bars and online dating to thank for their match made in heaven. The couple originally met through mutual acquaintances at a local bar where Susan was a server but ended up re-connecting via a dating app. Over burgers and fries on their first date at a Denver favorite, My Brother’s Bar, the two put together that they had actually met a few months back. “Carlos would say I stalked him, but don’t believe a word he says,” Susan exclaims. Everything after that was smooth sailing, as Susan describes their relationship as easy and effortless. The two quickly became best friends.

Following their mutual love for travel, the two headed to Curacao, an island off the coast of Venezuela, Carlos’ home country. “Carlos has a cousin that lives there, so we were able to stay at his home and have a personal tour guide to all the best spots,” Susan explains. Carlos had scheduled a romantic sunset sailboat ride for the two. During the ride, he gave his GoPro to one of the guys working and told him he’d give him a signal to record. Once the sun was about to set, he got down on one knee and asked Susan to marry him. “I had an inkling that he would propose on the trip, but he did it in such a romantic and special way. I couldn’t have been happier to say yes to the love of my life,” she says.

Susan is notorious at finding great deals, so when it came time to plan her perfect wedding, which they had vowed to make as affordable as possible, she was already a pro. “We wanted it to look and feel very metropolitan with a vintage edge,” she says. Keep scrolling and reading to see the couple’s vision come to life! Photographed by Susan’s dear friend Teresa Woodhull.

The couple spent the year visiting thrift stores nearly every weekend, gathering over 100 vintage glasses, frames for decor, and vintage furniture for the ever so popular lounge areas. “We even had my mom visiting the ones in her area for us,” laughs Susan.

Susan’s father spent months building them a custom backdrop out of reclaimed barn wood which their florist-become-friend, Sam McCarthy with Little Shop of Floral, embellished with beautiful florals for their ceremony.

At the top of the list for must-haves for Susan and Carlos was dancing. “Carlos and I LOVE to dance – especially to Latin music,” Susan says. Dancing is something the couple experienced together on one of their first dates, so they wanted to make sure the dance floor was full and music on point. The couple graced the dancefloor with a choreographed routine they had learned in dance class. The first dance was a huge hit and the dance floor stayed full all night.

Just as they started their journey exploring in Curacao, they hope to continue their story all over the world in new, different, and exciting places. We are so glad we could be a part of such a wonderful and special day and cannot wait to watch their story unfold. Congrats and cheers to you, Mr. and Mrs. Parra!