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“There’s a lot that goes into livestreaming a wedding,” said Caroline Creidenberg, the founder and chief executive of Wedfuly, a Denver-based online wedding planning company. “It’s not as simple as pressing a button and letting the camera roll.”

Most of us aren’t familiar with the technology required to broadcast an event online. “I’d recommend that anyone who’s planning a big digital wedding hire an IT person to help before they get any other vendor,” says Gorman. “Our team can emcee and run the entire Zoom call,” says Wedfuly cofounder and CEO Creidenberg, “handling all the spotlighting, muting, unmuting any media being played. What we tell the couple is, you just log on and set up your cameras—and then you can just enjoy the wedding.” Wedfuly also offers add-ons, including location scouting, invitations, and vendor liaison.

The Cut Podcast host Avery Trufelman speaks to Wedfuly founder Caroline Creidenberg on conducting a Zoom wedding and why it may well be the best option now and after life has returned to normal.

On Saturday, March 28, 2020, Wedfuly and Zoom pulled off their first virtual wedding—the bride walked down the aisle with a cardboard cut-out of her father before the bride’s father officiated the ceremony!—and plan on hosting many more in the weeks to come. “Wedfuly always provides creative approaches for our couples so the collaboration with Zoom was ideal for couples who wanted to keep their wedding date on schedule during these challenging times,” explains Caroline Creidenberg, founder and CEO of Wedfuly.

We’d both been using Zoom for work, and the first time I saw the breakout feature I was like, Wow, this is the future. We read about our options onlin