What do you get?


30-minute phone consultation.

Make sure you find the right Wedfuly planner for your big day with a 30-minute consultation with the planner of your choice. At Wedfuly, we're all about the love-- your planner will get know you as a couple, get filled-in on what you've already planned, share his/her background and learn about what you're excited, nervous and stress about.

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Gather your vision.

After your phone call with your planner, you'll start collecting your vision. We integrate with Pinterest to make it easy to find the perfect inspiration for your big day. Your planner will help refine and perfect your vision to make it easy for vendors to seamlessly emulate your inspiration for the big day.


Budget breakdwon.

Next, your planner will take your overall budget (or help you set an overall budget) and, using our budget calculator, will break it down for each individual vendor based on your wants and needs.

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Assemble your team.

Your vendors are the key to the success of your wedding. We are experts in the wedding industry and have used that knowledge to hand-pick the highest quality vendors in your area. Using your vision and budget, we will introduce you to Wedfuly vendors and provide inside knowledge on the best vendor packages for you. Talk to, book, and pay for your vendors on the Wedfuly platform.


Cover the details.

With unlimited chat with your Wedfuly planner, as details come up and questions arise, use your Wedfuly planner as a confidant to work through things. Whether that’s a question about table linens or where to cut your budget, your planner will have the answer.

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Create the timeline.

Your planner will coordinate with you and all your vendors to put together a final Day Of Timeline. This will be the ultimate guide to success on your wedding day. Everything and everyone will be in place and one time, make everything run effortlessly at your wedding.


Hire your Wedfuly planner for day of coordination.*

Because our planners are local, after working with you online, he/she can seamlessly turn into your day of coordinator as well, making sure your only job on the day of your wedding is to have fun! (*Additional cost)

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