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Keep it intimate & affordable, but with an unlimited (virtual) guest list.

Wedfuly micro weddings = best of both worlds.

Have the intimate wedding of your dreams without leaving anyone out – by inviting guests virtually

One Fixed Cost for Unlimited Virtual Guests

Interactive, Emotional Ceremonies & Receptions

Thoughtful & Accommodating Guest Experience

Full Wedding Footage & Other Keepsakes Included

Flexible, Creative & Unique Personal Touches

How It Works

Hear how we’re creating captivating and intimate Wedfuly virtual weddings for our clients. 

We’ll always support your vision, perfectly tailoring your wedding program to your personalities and cultural traditions. 




Emily & Eric hosted 30 of their nearest and dearest in a backyard venue in Vail, CO, with another 200 guests joining virtually.

After a virtual celebration that included their vows, dances, cake cutting, and a surprise video, they ended the virtual component and had an IRL reception at a Vail hotel. “We got to have the wedding of our DREAMS, at a fraction of the cost,” Emily said.

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From Our Clients

“Everything worked out so perfectly; without Wedfuly we simply would not have been able to share this event with so many loved ones.”

Tim Sparkles

“We’ve had countless virtual guests say it was the best wedding (virtual or in person) that they’ve attended.”

Joseph Salvo

“[Our guests] said we set the bar for a virtual wedding. If someone wants a high quality virtual wedding, Wedfuly is the company that can pull it off.

Aisha Russell

“It was an awesome experience and so worth the money to have the peace of mind on an already stressful day.”

Maureen Cherrett

“We felt like we had an incredibly intimate wedding that just happened to also include 700 of our closest friends. It was the perfect way to get married and we’re so glad we did it.”

Heather Holmes