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An Elevated, Stress-Free Wedding Livestream Guests LOVE

Way more than a lifeless livestream. The perfect way to keep things simple & help virtual guests feel special and included.

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What’s Included


  • COORDINATOR: A dedicated virtual wedding expert to plan, produce & host/emcee the virtual component of your wedding
  • LIVESTREAMED EVENT: An elevated, multi-angle wedding livestream
  • BEST GUEST EXPERIENCE: A fantastic virtual guest experience + tech support = no guest will feel left out or second-class
  • INTERACTIVE COCKTAIL HOUR: Your choice of lightweight interactive components to include during a virtual cocktail hour, including a virtual photobooth, toasts, dancing, breakout rooms, and more (up to you if you’d like to participate or not!)
  • FOOTAGE: Your full wedding footage and chat transcript
  • COST:  Flat rate of $900, for a 2-hour wedding with unlimited virtual guests


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Livestream+ FAQ

How is this different from Wedfuly's full-service wedding offering (Wedfuly Techy)?

Our full-service Wedfuly Techy package is a great fit for couples who are orienting their event around the virtual component – meaning lots of interaction with virtual guests, integration of virtual and in-person celebrations, and a timeline that will work well for virtual world. This package requires four planning calls and more prep work and costs $1200.

Livestream+ works perfectly for those who plan to focus mostly on their in-person guests, have a traditional timeline that’s set in stone, but still want their virtual guests to feel valued and special.

What will my Livestream+ actually look like?

We’ll email your virtual guests in the days leading up to the wedding with your wedding link & instructions for accessing. Day-of, guests will log on about 30 minutes prior to start time and be greeted with music and a slideshow, or other media of your choosing. You’ll have an elevated, multi-angle livestream of your wedding ceremony, followed by a brief intermission. Then – we’ll launch into our Virtual Cocktail Hour, a 30 minute afterparty hosted by your coordinator with fun activities like trivia, a group dance, virtual photobooth, and more. You can choose to pop in during this time, or just leave your virtual guests to us!

How is a Livestream+ different from a regular livestream?

The Wedfuly guest experience is much more engaging and emotional than a typical livestream. We set up multiple camera angles so your guests always have the best view of the action (smart phone cameras work great for this!). We also offer a variety of interactive components during Virtual Cocktail Hour, such as toasts, virtual reception tables, and dancing. Your Wedfuly coordinator hosts your Livestream+ and makes sure your guests feel as valued and included as your in-person guests.

What tech equipment will I need for my Livestream+?

Probably a lot less than you think. Smart phone cameras work very well to capture video. On the audio side, your coordinator will recommend some simple ideas for speakers and mics. We also have tech rental packages available.

Don’t sweat the A/V – your coordinator will be extremely helpful and knowledgeable!

What online platform do you use for wedding guests?

We currently use Zoom for weddings. Most guests find Zoom highly intuitive, but we also include a brief tech walk-through prior to and ongoing tech support throughout your virtual wedding to ensure no guest is left behind.

How fast does my WiFi need to be?

We recommend 5mbps upload speeds or faster to ensure a smooth connection. If necessary, we are able to rent hotspots to help boost connectivity.

Will a Wedfuly coordinator attend my wedding in person?

No. Your coordinator will work with you to identify an on-site contact – someone you already know who can be present on your wedding day and be your coordinator’s “eyes, ears, and hands.” This allows us to keep Wedfuly weddings safe and well priced!


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