Frequently Asked Questions

Wedfuly is your professional wedding planner, all online. You work with our team of wedding professional online to plan your dream wedding. We go through four main steps to help you plan the perfect wedding.

Phone Call We always start with a phone call with the Wedfuly team to make sure you understand the process and love our team. This is a very exciting and emotional day in your life, we want to make sure we're the right fit to help make your wedding day perfect.

Vision Board Once we've gotten to know you and everything about your wedding ideas and dreams, we jump into the fun stuff- the vision! Wedfuly integrates with Pinterest to pull in your style and inspiration. Our team will go through your inspiration with you to make sure there's a coherent look and feel to your board. Our team will send you suggestions and styles that we know you'll love. Most importantly, we'll make sure your vision board is not only beautiful but helpful during the planning process.

Budget Breakdown Next up is the financial breakdown. We'll take your budget range and using our wedding expertise, knowledge, and knowing what's important to you, we'll break down your overall budget into different vendor categories. While we know it's exciting to start booking vendors and jumping in head first into planning, this part is crucial to the planning process. We want to make sure you don't go over budget and can be educated going into your conversations with vendors.

Day of Timeline The final online step with the Wedfuly team is creating your day of timeline. Imagine this as the GPS for your wedding day. The Wedfuly team will start putting this together through the Day Of tool, one to two months before your wedding. We will coordinate with vendors and family members to bring the timeline to life. A well thought out timeline = a successful wedding!

Get Married! The step you've been planning and anxiously waiting for! It's time to get all gussied up and say I do to the love of your life 🥂. With Wedfuly Premium, a Wedfuly team member will be on site for your wedding day acting as your day of coordinator. Cherish this day, because it'll fly by! With Wedfuly Lite, you'll use your day of timeline to pass off to someone you trust to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We have a team of experienced wedding professionals that help all our clients plan their wedding. Based on our initial conversation with you as a couple, we set you up with the ideal professional who stays with you throughout the entire process. Our team of hard-working, amazing day-of coordinators will be present on the day of your wedding if you choose Wedfuly Full.

*Day of coordination is only included with Wedfuly Premium, not Wedfuly Lite

Our day of coordination package includes :
→ 1 site visit/walk through meeting at the venue (usually about 1 month before the wedding)
→ 1 hour ceremony rehearsal
→ 1 Wedfuly planner for 10 hours on the day of the wedding
→ Assist with timeline & floor plan creation
→ Ensure personal items, gifts & cards, decor, leftover food & alcohol are put into designated cars at the end of the event
→ Placement of agreed upon decor (we will not climb on ladders)
→ Provide the timeline and details to all vendors
→ Confirm details with all vendors 1 week prior to the wedding
→ Access to Emergency Kit
→ Manage timeline on the wedding day, working with all vendors & the venue to keep things running smoothly
→ On top of all this, you receive everything Wedfuly Lite includes as well

Yes. Our Wedfuly Premium package includes one site visit with the day-of coordination. Wedfuly Lite does not include day-of coordination or a site visit.

The only in-person meetings that occur are included in the Wedfuly Premium package. This is your site visit/venue walkthrough and your rehearsal. No other in-person meetings are included with Wedfuly Premium. Wedfuly Lite includes no in-person meetings.

While those are our only "official" in-person meetings, Wedfuly hosts local events regularly such as Sweating for the Wedding. Our Wedfuly is team is always in attendance and you are more than welcome to chat with our team or ask any and all questions at these events. We love meeting our couples in real life!

We do not currently support phone calls or video calls. The only call that occurs is with our team at the beginning of the Wedfuly process. All our previous and current clientele find the unlimited chat along with the other suite of tools we offer to be more than sufficient for communication.

No and here's why...you've spent months, maybe even years, planning your big day. Hours were spent researching the perfect grand exit and dreaming up a stunning vision. But a day of coordinator is only going to have a few hours to fully understand all those months of planning. Majority of the time, things are forgotten or plans misunderstood, meaning your hours and hours of dreaming up that dream exit may be ruined by a lack of communication with your day of coordinator. Wedfuly offers day of coordination along with online planning to make sure that your planner is with you during those hours of envisioning your perfect day, so that nothing is forgotten and everything goes smoothly.
Plus we're actually cheaper than most day of coordinators! The average day of coordinator in the US cost $808. And the average full-service planner cost $2,722 😳 When we ask our clients if we resemble a full-service planner or day of coordinator more, all of them said full-service planner. We'll let you do the math there 😄

While we don't offer day of coordination as a stand-alone package, our Wedfuly Premium which includes online planning + day of coordination is $850.

Check out why we don't believe in (and don't offer) "just showing up" above.

We currently only offer Wedfuly in Colorado, but let us know where you want us to head to next!

Yes! We can help you find a venue and all the other amazing vendors to go along with that venue.

Vendors can make or break your wedding day! Not to be dramatic, but one sub-par vendor can make the rest of your vendors look sub-par. With 15+ years of wedding expertise, we know what to look for to find the absolute best vendors, but we don't stop there. We have a list of criteria that each vendor has to meet in order to join the Wedfuly platform. We look for good business people who are also talented creatives. When you inquire on the platform about a vendor, we make sure they will respond to you in a timely and kind manor. And when it comes to creating your wedding vision, we make sure they are the cream of the crop! We require all our vendors to have worked with us or one of our existing vendors before recommending them to you. We even go as far as calling their previous clients to get a feel for their work and personality.
Rest assured, these vendors are the best of the best and will make sure your wedding is perfect.

We do not offer a public list of vendors. We believe each client deserves to be presented with a vendor that would be the perfect match for their wedding. We don't want to waste your time with a vendor under or over your budget, somebody who doesn't fit your style or simply someone who isn't available. If you don't like our first (or second or third or fourth) recommendation, we'll keep sending you vendors until we find a match- but rarely do we even need to get past vendor number one!

1. We are more affordable

"On average, the starting cost for a day-of wedding planner in the U.S. is $800 with starting rates for higher-end planners averaging $1,250 to $3,395." -Wedding Wire The average day-of wedding planner in Colorado cost $852. Our pricing for Wedfuly Premium which includes a day-of planner and online planning is $850.

"The average starting rate for a full-service wedding planner in the U.S is about $3,000 with top-tier planners averaging $4,500 to $12,000." -Wedding Wire 😳 When we ask our clients if we resemble a full-service planner or day of coordinator more, all of them said, full-service planner. We'll let you do the math there 😄

If you just need help with planning, but don't need a planner for day-of, Wedfuly Lite is the perfect fit for you and it's only $250. We can't find any planners more affordable and as helpful than that!

2. We fit your lifestyle

Time is valuable. You should save the little time you have after work to spend with the people closest to you. Wedfuly provides a seamless experience online so that you can still get the personal experience without having to take time out of your day to physically be somewhere. Hop on the computer in bed after a long day at work to cross some stuff off the list. Or sneak a quick glance at your planning status during work (we won't tell your boss)!

Wedfuly is the newest most efficient and fun way to plan your wedding. Why wouldn't you work with Wedfuly!