Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the package selected (see next question), Wedfuly will be doing everything from managing the actual Zoom call by MC-ing, muting, unmuting, cueing, displaying selected media, DJing and more, to setting up an entire virtual wedding including an officiant, flowers, dessert, invites, rental equipment and so much more. To learn more, head to our pricing page or chat with our team via the chat bubble in the bottom-right-hand corner.

We had such a huge influx of sign-ups, we offered the first 50 weddings completely free, but in order to continue paying our team and running our business, we have a new pricing system in place. See pricing page for details.

Head here to get started. We'll have you start with the Wedfuly Techy package and select your add-ons during your first consult call.

We can have up to 1,000 different devices attend the Zoom virtual wedding. If you can get 1000 different people on one call, we'll give you a gold medal because that sure is a lot of friends and family!

If your officiant is joining you in-person (6 feet away), great! If not, we can have your officiant unmuted during the call*. We will switch to spotlight either you and your partner or the officiant, depending on who is talking. Some states will even allow you to marry yourself! The same goes for readers, singers, and speakers. They can all have their unmuted moment to shine as well. We’ll work through all these details on the rehearsal call.

*Some states do not allow virtual officiants and your officiant will need to be physically present.

Check out our blog post on marriage licenses. While we can't help you legally obtain your license, this blog post is very informational and will help you through the process!

While we recommend giving yourself at least 2 weeks time (especially if you haven't gotten your license), if you have your license and are ready to go, we can plan your wedding in as little as 2 days! If you had a bigger wedding planned and want to keep that same date, we encourage that. If you're open to dates, let our team know and we can give you a recommended timeline of planning.

Yep! We sure can. They can be fully virtual or in-person.

Around the world! Virtual means we can help out anywhere and everywhere.

Once you pay, you'll set up your first consult call with one of our virtual wedding coordinators to go over a rough timeline, your to-dos, our to-dos, and discuss any add-ons that you will want to include. After that call, you'll be off to the races. We'll work with you to make sure everything is ready to go by the time we have our second consult which will be in the form of an audio/visual set up Zoom call. We will also do a rehearsal call with you the day before your wedding.
We sure do! We will provide the equipment needed for an optimal video conferencing presence. You can rent everything from tripods to hotspots from us. Our base rental package includes tripods, high-end cameras, and a ring-light. Ask about this add on when you hop on your first consult call.
What are you waiting for?! Sign up for Wedfuly so we can dive in and get started. We can help you pull off a virtual wedding within the week.
Hybrid weddings are some of our favorites! Even if you're having hundreds of people there, we still encourage you to set up a virtual attendance option for people who can't make it. We can help create a timeline and flow of events so that the virtual guests aren't forgotten or overlooked.
Yes of course! Weddings aren't the only events that deserve virtual attention. We do all sorts of other events, simply inquire with our team at hello@wedfuly.com with your type of event and date and we'll go from there.