Vendor Spotlight: Allison Dobbs Photography

Vendor Spotlight: Allison Dobbs Photography

We sat down with Allison to learn more about her career as a wedding photographer and how she started her career as a wedding photographer.

Browsing Allison Dobbs’ website is stimulating. The photos make you feel all kinds of emotion and excitement. If we had to choose one word to describe her work it would be, adventure. Coincidentally, adventure is Allison’s philosophy. Her photos consist of stunning mountain-side couples that make you want to hop on a plane with your fiance (imaginary or real) and get hitched on a mountain top with Allison by your side!

We sat down with Allison to learn more about her career as a wedding photographer and how she started her career as a wedding photographer.

Q: What made you want to be a wedding photographer?

A: Colorado. When I moved here, I fell in love with the mountains so I went out adventuring and worked at landscape and adventure sport photography. I still really love working in that genre, but eventually I realized that what I loved most about photography was telling a story and capturing real emotions. Mother Nature can definitely provide some exciting drama, but even a perfect sunset can’t compare to capturing two people promise to live a lifetime together. Knowing how much goes into a wedding (whether it’s an elopement or a ballroom affair), watching their family and friends gathered to support and celebrate and love them, and then capturing the in between moments of all of that – that’s why I chose to become a wedding photographer.

Q: When taking wedding photos, what do you try to capture?

A: I focus on what is most important to my clients first. I ask them weeks before what they must have documented and keep that list with me all day. Then I fit in what I think they’ll likely forget, the small moments, the littlest details. Most people say, I want the first dances documented. Well of course that’s automatic! But I try to capture everything about the first dances – mom’s face, bare feet, twinkle lights, the audience crying, how you held each other close. My goal is to document your wedding day exactly how it is, not create a perfect collection of posed photos that check boxes for portfolios.

Q: How should one go about choosing their wedding photographer?

A: First, browse photographers to determine what kind of style you prefer. Once you find the style, spend time getting to know the candidates. Ensure they have full wedding portfolios to show you, a good stock of professional gear, and a competent back up system in place. From there, make your choice based on who you mesh with most! You spend most of your wedding day with your photographer by your side – you want it to be someone you can become friends with.

Q: Could you talk a little more about your adventure philosophy and how you came up with it?

A: I’m a trail runner and have always loved getting outside. I find myself in so many beautiful places that a lot of people haven’t seen and I’m frequently saving locations, in hopes I can find others that are crazy enough to work for it. Fortunately in Colorado, I’ve been able to find quite a few willing to do just that! I also attended an in depth workshop that was geared towards the “adventure” couples and realized how many people out there have the same love for the outdoors. With that said, I also am a strong believer that adventure can be defined in a lot of ways – you don’t have to hike a 14er or climb a big wall to be an adventurer. I just love that people are pushing the boundaries and creating new traditions more often than not when it comes to weddings. Whatever adventure you choose to take, I want to be there to document it.

Q: Where was the most adventurous place you’ve taken photos for couples?

A: Does the future count? I’ll be in Iceland this coming July for an intimate wedding which I’m very excited about. I’ve traveled to Michigan in February for a wedding too – that was pretty adventurous for me ha! A wedding in Great Sand Dunes National Park might be at the top currently though – they did a sunrise hike with me the next morning to Zapata Falls – watching the bride and groom help each other through a rushing, icy cold river in their dress and suit (while I was clinging to my camera gear for dear life) was probably the most exciting adventure I’ve had with a couple!

Q: How do you want your clients to feel when they look back on these photos 10 years from now?

A: I just want them to remember all the emotions more than anything. I want the photos to be timeless. Images they will display on their shelves and ones they will pass down to their future generations. The added details are pretty and fun to photograph, but the most important parts of your wedding day are the two of you promising forever (which I’m guaranteed to document in great detail) and everyone else that joined you! So I want my clients to not only remember how they felt for each other on that day and why they chose to get married, but also the great big love that all the other people were giving them, 10, 20, 60 years ago.