Real Wedding: Drew + Kait

Real Wedding: Drew + Kait

Kait and Drew worked with a Wedfuly planner to bring their wedding day to life. Here’s a look into their experience with Wedfuly!

Kait and Drew got married on August 24th in Breckenridge, Colorado. They gathered their closest friends and family, got all dolled up and said “I do” at Sapphire Point. Wanting to keep the wedding simple and easy to plan, they decided to cut their guest count and do a small ceremony followed by an intimate dinner at a local Breck restaurant, Aurum.

Kait worked with Wedfuly planner Kaitlin to help her assemble the best vendor team and make sure she didn’t forget any of the details. Below are excerpts from Kait and Kaitlin’s planning conversation, as well as her chat with her Wedfuly recommended photographer.

Kaitlin (Wedfuly Planner): Hey Kait! Love the name hehe. My name is Kaitlin and I’m your Wedfuly vendor concierge. I’m so excited to work with you! I want to personally welcome you to the Wedfuly family. Can’t wait to hear more about your wedding plans!

Kait (Bride): Hey Kaitlin! Thanks so much for checking in! Still in the works. Hope to have more info by next week 🙂

Kait (Bride): Hey Kaitlin! Good news, budget set and a few pins on the ceremony are completed. Now just looking for photographer and venue in Breck area for fun dinner for about 30 people. Any suggestions would be awesome!

Kaitlin (Wedfuly planner): Great news! I’m looking at your Pinterest board and budget now to find some recs for photography. Just want to double check that August 24th is the for sure date before sending any photography recs (don’t wnat them to be booked already!!) For restaurants– do you want outdoor or indoor seating. Or does it matter? And lastly, remind me of your general head count? 20 something right?

Kait (Bride): yes, 8/24 is for sure date. we have sapphire point overlook public land booked from 4-8pm (need to figure out more details time-wise but thinking ceremony around 4:30 or 5, pictures, and some drinks there) Would love outdoor for restaurants! headcount is 20 if sit down (open to set menu or a buffet style); is there is capacity for up to 30 that is great but lower priority. Thank you for the quick response! you rock

Kaitlin sent Kait her first photography recommendation based on style, budget and availbility. Kait ended up booking the photography recommendation a few weeks later. Here are some excerpts from Kait’s conversation through the Wedfuly platform with her photographer.

Kait (Bride): Hi Rae! We are so thrilled to link up! My fiance and I moved here from SF about two years ago and last August got engaged. The fam is super excited since we’ve been dating for 12+ years since our high school days (boy, does time fly!), Last August we actually got engaged in the Breck area so it’s awesome we can incorporate the area with Sapphire Point. We are having just immediate family members for an elopement at the Overlook (thinking around 4:30ish) for a 15 minute ceremony followed by some champagne cheers and getting gorgeous shots of the mountains we love so much before heading to dinner with the whole squad (TBD location).Are you available to connect tomorrow or this week on what you think would fit well into what we are thinking?

Rae (photographer): Hi Kait! Nice to meet you and hear a little about your story! Sapphire point is an incredible overlook for intimate weddings, one of my favorite. Are you looking for photo + video or photography only? A little about us! We are a husband and wife team and have been shooting weddings together for 5 years, and in Colorado since we moved here, about 2.5 years ago. I’m the primary photographer, my husband is the primary videographer and second photographer. We would love to connect with ya’ll and talk about elopement packages and get to know you both a little bit! I leave tomorrow until the 19th but would love to Facetime and chat!

Rae and Kait met in person for drinks one night and ended up loving each other. Kait booked Rae as her photographer and moved on to hair and makeup.

Kaitlin (Wedfuly planner): You’re honestly killing it with all this planning so far! I hope it hasn’t been too stressful?feels great and yes happy the main things are almost done!appreciate your help so far!

Kait (bride): Hey Kaitlin! Venue is booked, save the dates out and we met with Rae and her hubby Jimmy– LOVE THEM. thanks for the suggestions!

Kait and Drew had an amazing intimate wedding in Breckenridge and couldn’t thank Wedfuly enough! After the wedding, Kait had this to say about her Wedfuly experience:

“Our experience with Wedfuly was awesome! Working with Kaitlin really made the whole process of planning a wedding easy and fun! Looking back she provided the glue to the day— recommendation for ceremony, restaurant venue & our amazing photographer. After those items were selected, it was really just filling in some minor details.”

All photos by Rae Barber