Real Wedding: Andrea + Justin

Real Wedding: Andrea + Justin

Andrea and Justin worked with Wedfuly to bring their Lakehouse wedding day to life. Read about their Wedfuly journey.

Andrea and Justin tied the knot at the Evergreen Lakehouse in June. They welcomed friends, family, confetti icing filled donuts, and wild dancing to celebrate their wedding. Andrea and Justin worked with Wedfuly Planner Sarah and planned the perfect day.

Andrea worked with Sarah to find all her vendors including photography, floral, DJ, officiant, and bakery. After they worked through all the vendor details and nailed down the main pieces, invitations were sent out and Andrea and Sarah started to address the smaller details as the date approached. Here’s a look into their conversation as the date got closer…

Sarah (Wedfuly Planner): Hi! Just checking in with you to see how things are going. Please let me know if you need anything. πŸ™‚

Andrea (bride): Hi Sarah! I’m doing pretty good, feeling like its getting to crunch time! I’m not sure what I need help with at the moment, although I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I just not sure if I’m missing anything. haha I’m currently working on the ceremony details, decorations and we have gotten the invites out.I’m struggling with the decorations a little bit because I’m not sure if I’m missing anything I should decorate. I know you mentioned the mantel, tables, and I am working on a table assignment sign, card box, guest book…is there anywhere else that needs decorations in the inside?Also, I’m having a hard time picture how the tables will look. The one picture you uploaded had an additional colored table cloth on top of the white and then chargers and glassware, which was really pretty. With the buffet style and bamboo (disposable plates), what would go on our tables?

Sarah: Hi! I know it’s hard, but please don’t get too overwhelmed. We still have quite a bit of time (although it doesn’t feel like it,) and it sounds like you are in great shape! I remember how “real” it felt once I put my invitations in the mail. πŸ™‚ . As far as decorations, the great thing about having such a gorgeous venue, is you really don’t have to do much. The mantle is a great opportunity to decorate, but it also looks great without anything or very minimal decorations. Some people like to bring small arrangements/decor for the bar, cocktail tables, bathrooms, the buffet, dessert table etc. but it’s entirely up to you/your budget/your style. πŸ™‚ Sometimes couples like to have a welcome/directional sign at the front door – sending their guests around the building to the right (as you’re facing the lake house) to the ceremony as opposed to walking through the lake house. I’ll see if I have example pictures. The catering company will be setting up so it’s nice to have your guests stay outside pre-ceremony if possible. Please let me know if you have questions on any of this. As far as your table setting goes, typically with disposable plates, the catering company will stack them at the buffet instead of placing them on the tables. It looks like you are doing paper napkins too & those will likely be on the buffet too. Are you using real water glasses? I couldn’t tell from the proposal. Your guest tables could have centerpiece/table number/water glass. Or no cup/glass if you are having a water station as opposed to water service at the tables. That is really something to talk to your caterer about & see what their options are & how they normally set the tables. You could rent/buy chargers if you like that look. They are around $2-4+ per charger to rent. Let me know if you have a vision for how you’d like the tables to look & I’ll let you know what I think would work best. Have a great day!

Andrea: Thanks Sarah! That info is really helpful. I have reached out to [our caterer] to confirm on the glassware and see if they have any pictures/ideas on how they set up the place settings for the buffet & those plate/napkin options. Once, I know – I’ll let you know too and I’m sure we can come up with something great!

Sarah: Sounds good! Keep me posted on that & potential site visit dates as you start to look at the calendar.

After talking to Andrea and getting a feel for her budget, style and needs, Sarah introduced her to a Wedfuly recommended florist. Through the vendor chat and Pinterest integration, Andrea was able to find and book her florist all in one place. Plus she got feedback from her planner as she worked through things with the florist.

Andrea: Hi! Bride here πŸ™‚ – my name is Andrea! I’ve looked at your Instagram & you do beautiful work! Current vision is a blush/mauve color for the bridesmaid dresses and blue suits. The wedding is at Evergreen Lake House, so I don’t think we will need a ton of decorations – but I love the various greenery, some of the softer colors of flowers and natural look given the setting of the lake house. We will have 6 bridesmaids & groomsman. I am open to ideas as well! Not sure if that helps but feel free to shoot me any other questions you may have. Thanks so much!

Florist: Hi Andrea!! Thanks so much for the kind words! Definitely helps! I would love to see an inspiration photo of a bouquet you’re loving to get an idea of shape and style you are drawn to. Once I get that, I’ll draft up a proposal for you and upload it on here πŸ™‚

Andrea: Hey there! I’ve attached my Pinterest board for flowers

Florist: Thanks so much for uploading your board=! I will take a look and get started on your design proposal. Will upload it here by the end of the day tomorrow! Hope you have a great Thursday!

Andrea has this to say after the wedding:

“I had an amazing experience using Wedfuly! Caroline & Sarah were always easy to connect with and happy to answer ALL of my questions. Their wealth of knowledge on wedding trends and vendors was vital for me to plan the perfect day! By the wedding day, I was confident everything would go smoothly (and it did!!) and grateful to have such wonderful people apart of this day. I can’t thank them enough!”