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Part I: Love in the Time of COVID
Part II: The Big Day!


That night, after all of the dancing and celebrating was over, I collapsed into bed and glanced at my phone. I had 15 Instagram notifications….they were all from friends that were screenshotting different parts of our virtual ceremony, ranting and raving about how amazing it was! My heart felt like it was going to explode from happiness.


A few days later I received an email from Caroline with all of the footage from our wedding. “ERIC!!!!!! Get a bottle of wine. Quick!” He knows me well, so this statement wasn’t *that* strange to him. 

That night, we cracked open a bottle of Pinot Noir and sat on the couch in the Airbnb on our honeymoon and relived our perfect day. We COULD NOT believe how crystal clear the video quality and audio was and how the Wedfuly team seamlessly alternated between different camera angles. We laughed as we got to rewatch the bloopers of Eric trying to light the unity candle with a bum lighter….and cried at the raw moment of bliss. All of those special moments, captured forever in such a raw and authentic way. We probably watched the group dance 5 times–each time screaming at the T.V. “look at their dance moves!!!!!!!!!!” and declaring who our favorite was. 

We decided that it would become an anniversary tradition–each year opening up the digital folder and re-watching our Zoom wedding. We will open up a bottle of Pinot and relive those memories again and again, transported back to the best day of our lives. 


Now that almost a month has passed, I’ve had some time to reflect on our wedding and think through the main reasons why I am such a big fan. For any of my fellow list lovers–this one’s for you!

1. The intimacy that a “micro wedding” provides. I NEVER imagined myself having a small wedding. However, I loved the fact that I got to have an in depth conversation with every single guest that was there. No rushed receiving lines or getting stuck in a convo with your long lost great uncle Bill. I also felt SO relaxed throughout the whole day–having a small intimate wedding eliminates so much of the stress of a big traditional wedding. 

2. Low cost, high quality experience. Having a small guest list allowed us to *splurge* on several things that we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to with a lot of guests. Additionally, we got to invite a lot more guests to the virtual wedding, than we would have been able to otherwise. We got to have:

  • Our wedding in Vail. (We would have never been able to have a BIG wedding in Vail due to cost. However, it was our DREAM to have it there.)
  • A high quality photographer. Rae Barber was incredible and was definitely worth every penny!
  • My top wedding dress pick from a bridal shop in Denver.
  • Nice “splurge” flowers + flower arch. We got to use ‘A Secret Garden’ to create my dream wildflower bouquet.
  • A fancy sit down dinner following the ceremony at Manor Vail. This included a plated dinner of shrimp + steak and delicious appetizers. Following dinner we got to cheers with champagne and boogie on the dance floor.

3. The chance to have more parties! Because we saved so much money by having a small wedding now, we are planning to have 2 more informal receptions in both of our hometowns. These will be backyard BBQ style (aka low stress, high fun!) and will give us a chance to party with all of our people, after we’ve been married for a while. 

4. The AMAZING keepsake video. This will be something that we will treasure forever and will be able to show our kids someday!


Thanks for telling your story, Emily! We loved being part of your beautiful day.