8 Non Traditional Wedding Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

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If there is ANYTHING we have learned in the past dumpster-fire-of-a-year it is that times are a changin’. Companies are able to effectively have meetings across the world through Zoom. Backyard patios are the new “it” spot to be. It IS possible to get a killer workout in from the comfort of your home gym. And last but not least, virtual weddings are here to stay. With all of these recent changes in our society, it feels like we are on the precipice of a big change within the wedding industry as well. The beauty in this is that it gives you the opportunity to get creative with your wedding. You can really think through what traditions you want to keep and which ones you want to chuck. In this blog post, we’ve compiled 8 non traditional wedding ideas to get your wheels turning.

Have Your Wedding Be a Complete Surprise

One of our fave non traditional wedding ideas: shock your guests! Invite your guests to your house under the guise of an engagement party or birthday party. Then shock with them the surprise that you’re going to be getting married that very day! Not only will your wedding be extremely fun + memorable, but it will also be way less stressful. The impromptu nature of this event lends itself to a laid back and carefree celebration. Pop the bubbly, walk down the aisle and then boogey the night away in your backyard with all of your favorite people. Your wedding will be the talk of the town for years to come. 

Nothing says non traditional wedding better than “SURPRISE! We’re getting married today!”

Add a Specific Theme For Your Non Traditional Wedding 

Let’s say you are a person that still wants to have a somewhat ‘traditional wedding’. You want the ceremony to be followed by cake + dancing and toasts…but you want to add a creative twist to it. Try opting for a themed wedding! Listed below are some ideas of themes for your non traditional wedding.

  • Glitzy Gatsby party. The joke floating around lately is that after this pandemic we’re going to be entering into another “Roaring 20s”. People are going to be tired of leggings + joggers and are going to want to wear their fanciest garb. Take full advantage of this by having a Gatsby themed wedding. Ask your guests to wear flapper dresses + tuxes and decorate accordingly. 
  • Garden party. This theme works especially well if you are hosting an outdoor celebration. Really go all out on the florals and serve small bite sized sandwiches. Have your guests wear their best sundresses and seersucker suits.
  • Hawaiian Luau. Can’t take your whole guest list to a tropical island? No problem. Host a beautiful Hawaiian themed luau, complete with Tiki huts & pina coladas and tropical tunes. 
We absolutely love Vicky + Stetson’s take on a “Dia de los Muertos” themed non traditional wedding.

Non Traditional Weddings Lend Themselves Well to Virtual Weddings

The beautiful thing about a lot of these non traditional wedding ideas is that they translate well in the virtual world. If you are wanting to opt for a themed wedding and plan on having most guests attend virtually, fear not. Simply ask them to dress according to the theme and join the Zoom call in those clothes. Watch and be amazed as your guests go all out with the dressing up!

Mix Up Your Wedding Timeline 

Who says you have to stick with the traditional ceremony at 4, followed by dinner and a reception. Another one of our favorite non traditional wedding ideas is to mix up the timeline! This blog post suggests opting for a morning ceremony followed by brunch and mimosas. **Wedfuly pro tip: you are likely to save tons of money this way by opting for an alternative time. Another fun take on the traditional timeline is to host a ceremony under the stars + twinkly nights and have a romantic backyard reception dancing the night away. 

Having a morning wedding is a great way to mix up the traditional timeline. It also provides for beautiful lighting for pictures!

Plan Your Ultimate Day

Your wedding day should be one of the best + most memorable days of your life. So, why not take this literally and plan a full day of adventure? Spend some time dreaming with your partner on what would qualify as a “dream day” and then bring this reality to life. Try planning a day that truly reflects all of your favorite things in life. 

  • Start your day off right by getting married at your favorite local coffee shop. Serve a delicious cup of joe to all of your attendees and soak in the caffeine + adrenaline rush.
  • Next up, spend the day doing whatever you love the most with your partner. Go for a long beautiful hike or lay on the beach all day long. You can even invite any guests to join you for the “adventure portion” of your day.
  • Last, finish up your dream day by having dinner at your favorite restaurant with your nearest + dearest. Have them make toasts and share special stories while sitting around the dinner table. Finish the night out with some dancing and collapse into your bed after the best day of your life.

Opt for An Elopement Wedding 

Back in the day, the word ‘elopement’ had major negative connotations with it. It usually implied sneaking off to Vegas for a shotgun wedding. However, those days are long gone. Nowadays, couples opt for an elopement because of the simplicity + intimacy that it brings. By choosing to elope, you really get the chance to think creatively about where you would like to tie the knot. Is there a specific city that has significance to you and your partner? Was there a special place that you had your first date? Is there a beautiful spot in nature that you dream about? Any of these can be amazing options for your wedding ceremony. Additionally, elopements naturally lend themselves well to including a virtual component. You can easily invite all of your guests to join you virtually and keep the in person attendees limited to just you, your partner & your officiant.